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Position Title: Earned Income Manager

Reports To: Director of Finance & Administration

Supervises: 1-3

Requirements: City of Buffalo residency, valid NYS Driver’s License

Position Summary:

The Earned Income Manager will be leading the Conservancy’s initiative for sustainable growth in earned income. This new position joins the Olmsted team with some existing revenue streams in place including park facility rentals and leases, golf retail, and other in-park vendor programs and activations. This position will manage and collaborate in these core areas, but more importantly be strategically involved in evaluating and proposing new opportunities for growth.

This is an exciting role for a results-driven, innovative individual to have a tremendous impact on the organization by striving to achieve revenue goals and operational objectives. The Earned Income Manager will be required to create an annual plan of work with set goals and financial targets, while developing pricing strategies, competitive market research, and annual projections overall. This Manager will also be responsible for aspects of City agreement adherence and bureaucratic requirements pertaining to revenues and vendor contract qualifications.

There are both desk and field operation components to this position, as the Earned Income Manager will be responsible for ensuring respectful and successful in-park vendor relationships and contract compliance throughout the park system.

While based in the Finance Department, this position will experience cross-over coordination, particularly for golf revenue.  Golf retail and maintenance operate as a whole department under the Director of Park Administration. Areas for other expected collaboration are found with the Development & Communications Department for marketing and promotions; to Planning & Advocacy for community engagement; and operationally with both Park Administration (which oversees facilities and capital improvements) and Park Operations (for any related park impacts or needs regarding general workforce support).

This position is a full- time, non-exempt position according to the Fair Labor Standards Act and the NYS Department of Labor rules and regulations. The workweek may include flexible schedules depending on the assigned workload, with some weekend and holiday work possible.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and develops an annual plan of work with income/revenue growth forecasts.
  • Provides input and strategies for work plan inclusion in the core areas of golf revenue, facility rentals/vendors, along with current and future park activations.
  • Under the guidance of the Director of Finance & Administration develops budgets and provides financial oversight of all related revenue targets.
  • Implements the annual plan of work with benchmark reporting and comparisons.
  • Manages City agreement compliance in the areas of revenues, rentals, vendors, etc., and assists with any annual City reporting requirements.
  • Oversees RFPs, contract language coordination, and compliance requirements of any park vendor or facility leasee.
  • Continually researches new revenue and income sources with cost/benefit projections.
  • Upon approvals, implements and manages new revenue opportunities
  • Manages and supervises the Rentals & Administrative Assistant.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborates and develops strong lines of communication between Finance and Park Administration in the management of revenues and the development of new possibilities.
  • Coordinates with the Director of Park Administration on any facility needs, upgrades or capital improvements or repairs for park properties, safety concerns and vendor access.
  • Reviews and recommends marketing and promotional aspects for revenue generation and awareness and reports regularly on promotional effectiveness and results.
  • Coordinates and collaborates between essential departments for necessary input or assistance, and for building effective and clear communication and expectations.
  • Attends BOPC staff meetings as required.
  • Is responsible for keeping up to date with current professional standards and industry trends, etc., and when appropriate is afforded the opportunity for continuing education and to train and update staff accordingly.
  • May be requested to assist with preparation of BOPC sponsored fundraisers and events
  • All other job-related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Attributes:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree or at least 3 years of experience equivalent to job responsibilities.
  • Management experience with a preferred emphasis on retail or income generation in association with parks, cultural institutions, or areas of hospitality or property management.
  • Knowledge and understanding of financial documents, budgets, market analysis techniques (demand/trends) and vendor contract language.
  • Knowledge and ability to generate revenue reports, spreadsheets, and promotional and/or return on investment assessments.
  • High attention to detail and performance, balanced with customer service and excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to think analytically and strategically in identifying/proposing new opportunities
  • Holds interest is exploring and supporting a full range of earned revenue strategies, with an ability to communicate a vision for possibilities beyond present circumstances.
  • Some staff or team management experience preferred with an ability to motivate others and produce effective results.
  • Responsiveness and professionalism with quick follow through and respectful interactions in building relationships.
  • Self-motivated to address problem solving and for creative alternatives in reaching goals.

Working Conditions:

  • Primarily a desk/office position with some park system engagement outside the office with other facilities or venues for vendor and park relations
  • Job duties may require an employee to bend, reach, stoop, stand and/or walk for extended periods, as well as lift and/or move heavy objects at times up to 50 lbs.
  • Duties may require driving distances between park features or system locations
  • Must continuously foster a team approach to working in the park environment
  • May require working evenings and/or weekends periodically
  • Must be able to adapt to ever changing resources and limited budget

To apply, please email resume to [email protected] or send by mail to:

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc.
Attn: Human Resources
84 Parkside Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14214

This job description is subject to change at any time and does not constitute a contract of employment. 

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc. is committed to diversity in the workplace. Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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