An Executive Summary to the Marcy Casino Report

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September 6, 2016

An Executive Summary to the Marcy Casino Report

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The proposal to include restaurant service upstairs at the Marcy Casino has been vetted through a process, which now culminates via this report in a document presentation to the public and the City. The comprehensive nature of the report enclosed will review the entire process, input, feedback, ideas and the related history of the facility and parties to operation.

The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is grateful to the many citizens, neighbors, and constituents who engaged in this active public process over the past five months, and who provided valuable dialogue, contemplative concerns, and demonstrated their passionate interests in this proposal as well as the continued community communication and education efforts of the Conservancy.

To recap, public sessions were held on April 6th, April 28th and July 27th. Specific outreach was also targeted to the immediate surrounding neighbors in the south Delaware Park area. A survey of 179 household residents was conducted by the Conservancy, as well as a poll of interest solicited by the proposing vendor to 1,052 citizens and patrons. The survey average indicated 80% in favor, with 20% against or undecided; the vendor poll resulted in 98% in favor of the proposal.

Serious attention and discussion is being given to concerns of public enforcement, neighborhood impacts and contractual obligations. The City of Buffalo has agreed to provide a Memorandum of Understanding on increased enforcement, and the Conservancy has had all proposed legal contract terms and language refined for stronger impact protections and compliance. The Conservancy is confident in the ability to enforce contract terms. The Conservancy also deems the use of the facility to be consistent with original intent, and with a majority of public support established, the Board of Trustees is recommending to the City that this proposal proceed, and that it continue to be monitored via the Olmsted Community Council.

Again, the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy appreciates the level of attention given to this proposal and its process. We thank all who participated, and especially Professor Robert Shibley for his valuable advice and guidance in the completion of this process, and the review of this report. This document and experience will lend great value as the Conservancy continues to explore the utility and functionality of other facilities in our historic park system.

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