Toxic Blue-green Algae Blooms on Hoyt Lake

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Background: Blue-green algae are a natural part of lakes and rivers, but under certain conditions algae can build-up and form visible blooms. These are called blue-green algae blooms and these blooms can produce toxins that are harmful to people and animals.

The Conservancy’s statement: The Conservancy is collaborating with experts at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) with regard to the reported blue-green algae blooms in Hoyt Lake. We are working closely with the DEC, the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper and City of Buffalo to ensure the public’s safety. The Scajaquada Creek / Hoyt Lake restoration initiative is a significant priority as identified in our plan for the 21st Century. We have been working with a coalition of stakeholders including the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper on identifying the issues and advocating for solutions, and anticipate more discussion and planning in the coming weeks. Row boat rentals will discontinue until further notice. In working with the City’s Department of Public Works, we will keep you informed of any other developments.

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What information is available?
DEC has a series of web pages dedicated to blue-green algae blooms, including:

Waterbodies with blooms are posted on DEC’s website
Waterbodies with blue-green algae blooms are listed on DEC’s Blue-green algae notification webpage. The information is collected through DEC monitoring programs, volunteers and the public reports. The status of blooms at these lakes is updated weekly as additional sampling results and reports are provided to DEC.

Receive weekly updates on blue-green algae blooms
Sign up to the Division of Water’s Making Waves email listserve to receive weekly updates on blue-green algae bloom notices in New York waterbodies. Making Waves also provides information about new and important water-related issues, events and news, which could affect your watershed.

 To subscribe to the Makingwaves listserv Subscribe to GovDelivery , and enter the requested information. When you reach the topics page, check the “Making Waves” box under the “Water” category. You can expect to receive an email from this listserv about once a week.

Looking for more information? 
Visit DEC’s Blue-green Harmful Algal Bloom web pages for more information about blue-green algae and visit the Department of Health’s Blue-Green Algae web page for health related information. For specific information about the current sampling results for lakes sampled through the 2014 NYSDEC Lake Monitoring Program, contact the Division of Water at 518-402-8179.

Source: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Last updated: September 30, 2016

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