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7 seasonal records to get you in the mood for the summer break

By July 12, 2018August 30th, 2018No Comments


The days are longer and the weather is warmer, making more room for pool parties, outdoor adventures, barbecues, ice cream, and beach day fun.

Although July is already upon us, it’s not too late to make the most of the season! To motivate your activity list, here’s a list of our top records that truly embody the essence of summer.

Largest scoop of ice cream

What’s summer without some cool and tasty ice cream to beat the heat? Kemps LLC in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, USA created the world’s Largest scoop of ice cream in the summer of 2014, weighing 1,365.31 kg (3,010 lb).

The strawberry flavored ice-cream scoop measured 1.6 m tall (5 ft 6 inches tall) and 1.9 m wide (6 ft 2 inches wide), containing approximately 733 containers of ice-cream. Thousands of attendees at the Cedarburg strawberry festival lined up and received a generous serving of the ice-cream for free throughout the weekend.

Largest kickboard

Pools are a huge component of summer, especially as the days get increasingly hotter.

This summer in particular, the USA Swimming Foundation in Washington DC decided to make a big splash by achieving the record for the Largest kickboard which is 10 times the standard adult size board.

The massive float measured 5.58 m (18 ft 3 in) long, 3.47 m (11 ft 5 in) wide and 0.36 m (1 ft 2 in) thick and was done to raise awareness around the importance of learning to swim, with six-time Olympic medalist Missy Franklin in attendance.

The record is part of the 10th annual tour made by the foundation aims to save children’s lives through swimming education.

Summer Round Up 2

Longest inflatable water slide

The Longest inflatable water slide measures 601.98 m (1,975 ft) and was created by Live More Awesome (New Zealand) as verified at Action Park in Vernon, New Jersey, USA, on 10 July 2015. The slide was featured on the Today Show, with correspondent Jenna Wolfe riding it on-air.

Summer Round Up

Most people making sand angels simultaneously

If you’re a fan of the beach, you may just want to try this next time you go.

The Most people making sand angels simultaneously is 1,387, achieved by Spectrum Health Foundation Ludington Hospital in partnership with West Shore Bank (USA) in Ludington, Michigan, USA, in June last year.

The event, called ‘Be Someone’s Angel’, took place at Stearns public beach on Lake Michigan and was held to raise awareness of cancer, honour those battling the disease, and raise funds for local services.

Summer Round Up 4

Largest inflatable pool toy

You’ve seen these Instagram-worthy swans in normal-sized pools, but imagine one that measures the height of four giraffes?

At 21.49 m (70 ft 6.06 in) tall x 16.58 m (54 ft 4.75 in) wide x 15.33 m (50 ft 3.54 in) long, AT&T created the Largest inflatable pool toy in Hermosa Beach California in June 2017.

The inflatable swan took one month to fabricate, and is AT&T’s signature blue color. After deflating, “Sally” as she is nicknamed, debuted at an iHeart pool party in Miami Florida.

Summer Round Up 3

Longest line of garden flamingos

Flamingos typically symbolize tropical weather, especially in the Caribbean.

Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy (USA) in Buffalo, New York, USA, however decided to use plastic ones to break the record for the Longest line of Garden flamingos, achieving 1,500.

All flamingos were available for adoption with any leftover collected by a local plastic recycling company which plans to melt them down and reconstruct them into benches placed throughout the Olmsted parks.

Joined by dozens of donors, dignitaries, park partners, and community members, the conservancy’s goal was to take the pink lawn piece that has been popularized by many landscape architecture programs and celebrate 150th Celebration of the Olmsted Parks system.

Summer Round Up 5

Most people in a floating line unassisted

If you’re looking for something to do with friends this summer, you could try this record.

The Most people in a floating line (unassisted) consists of 1,941 people and was achieved by Municipalidad Adolfo Alsina (Argentina) in Carhué, Argentina, on 29 January 2017.