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Downgrade for Scajaquada is upgrade for Buffalo

By February 18, 2016No Comments


“It took some 20 years of pleading, public forums, shelved plans and broken promises. But propelled by a little boy’s traffic-accident death and a do-it-now governor, the expressway that never should have been will be sliced, diced and – mercifully – downgraded to a safer, saner road.” – Donn Esmonde, The Buffalo News

BUFFALO, NY — Matt Driscoll announced the Scajaquada’s coming transformation Wednesday night at SUNY Buffalo State. The state’s new DOT commissioner said the once-50-mph road connecting the Kensington Expressway with the Niagara Thruway will be downgraded to a 30-mph boulevard.

Unlike now, when you have to pull on the reins to stay under 30 mph, coming changes in road design will make the lower speed limit seem natural, not abnormal. Traffic lights, crosswalks, narrower lanes, a bikeway, rumble strips and other makeovers will organically slow traffic and partly re-knit Delaware Park and the neighborhoods sliced in half by the Scajaquada.

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