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Picturesque Fountain Returns to Hoyt Lake

By June 2, 2017No Comments


Not many people are aware that the wonderful fountain that was installed in Hoyt Lake back in 2013 stopped working due to mechanical issues.

That’s why it has not been working as of late. Nobody really knew what had happened, other than it had been switched off. We are just now learning that the fountain experienced these issues early on. Fortunately, it turns out that there has been an effort underway to restore the fountain, and today it is operational once more.

“Since last year, the Conservancy has worked with a number of special partners to help restore and resituate the fountain in Hoyt Lake,” said Stephanie Crockatt, the Conservancy’s executive director. “The fountain had seized both mechanically and electrically, so the entire mechanism with its electrical conduit had to be carefully lifted out of the lake, cleaned, recalibrated, rewired, and now lowered back into the water. We have many to thank, as this was literally a heavy lift.”

The Conservancy’s operations director, Bob Stotz led his crew towards solving the issue. He enlisted help in the form of crane assistance from Don Poleto and Don Maloney (City of Buffalo DPW), and two service companies, MGM Electric and Thermal Mechanical. 

The installation of the fountain was originally made possibly thanks to a grant from then NY Senator Mark Grisanti. After being installed, the fountain immediately became one of the most photographed elements in the park system. In order to get the fountain back to operational status, Councilman Joel Feroleto pitched in funding, which helped with the repairs.

“I am pleased to support the Olmsted Parks Conservancy, and am thrilled the fountain at Hoyt Lake will be up and running this summer. Hoyt Lake is one of the most serene and picturesque locations in the City of Buffalo and neighbors and visitors are excited about the fountain,” said Delaware District Councilman Joel Feroleto.